My Connection with Bread

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

While doing my Undergrad in the US, my first Communications Class had an introduction section where I had to speak about what I would pick to eat for the rest of my life - Rice or Bread. I picked bread and finally acknowledged to myself the love I have for the soft fresh-baked goodness in my life. As a true blue South Indian, I not only messed up the energy quotient in the Universe but shocked the Professor and other South Asians in my class. It felt very liberating to be able to say it out loud. I love my breads.

My mother has always baked delicious and innovative cakes and cookies but working with bad quality yeast put a damper on her attempts at baking bread, which she passed on to me. She and I never attempted bread. A decade ago, I decided that I wasn’t about to let this little single-celled microorganism get the better of me. I will enjoy making and eating something that I absolutely love.

Committing to it, I started buying yeast in the kilogram. And woahh……. breads started rising from the dead. There was a whiff of baked bread and pizza floating around my house ever so often. An amazing uncle in Kodaikanal showed me his bakery and shared his recipe for his fabulous bread. A bread that I would travel all the way to Kodaikanal to have. My kids share this love for fresh-baked Pastry Corner Bread as well.

Cutting into a soft fresh-baked bread with your serrated knife is one of the pleasures in life. The anticipation of adding some butter to it and gobbling the first slice is all experienced in that cutting. The second slice is enjoyed more slowly and then you start to wonder about the toppings that you would like to add next.

Breads with more depth and flavour were the next gradual move. I missed them after my move from Seattle and recreating it became another goal. And here comes the Gourmet Bakes Artisan Breads. Chewy and soft with a slight crust and a gorgeous depth to the bread – my goals for the Artisan bread was achieved.

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